Joint Director IAH&BP Zakura

Dr Mehraju-Din Naqati

  • Joint Director
  • 91-194-2414271
The prestigious institute of Animal Health & Biological Products is located at Zakura about 15 kms. from the main Srinagar city and is a referral institute of the valley. This institute was established during the year 1982 and has got three main divisions.

Disease Diagnostic and Research Division (Headed by Parasitologist).
Vaccine Production Division (Headed by Deputy Director Research).
Standardization & Quality Control Division (Quality Control Officer).

Disease Diagnostic and Research Division: The division is meant for investigation of Animal and poultry diseases with respect to aetiology spread of the disease, preventive and therapeutic strategy to be adopted for this purpose. This division undertakes investigations, incidence of various livestock and poultry diseases that are referred to the institute. Whenever the outbreaks are reported to the disease investigation section, such outbreaks are thoroughly investigated. The research staff visits the affected places/villages and collect all the relevant epidemiological data pertaining to the outbreak. Wherever possible, spot diagnosis is provided, otherwise suitable clinical, post mortem samples are collected from the affected animals for laboratory analysis and after the analysis of the samples disease is diagnosed and suitable control measures are communicated to the concerned. In addition the Disease Investigation section of this institute also receives a number of clinical samples sent by the field veterinarians for diagnosis. The samples that are received include blood samples for detection of etiological agents, faecal samples for presence of parasitic ova or cyst, tissue impression smears and heart blood smears from necropsed animals, and serum samples for detection of antibodies of bacterial/viral pathogens. These samples are analyzed by suitable tests and results are communicated to the concerned.
Vaccine Production Division: This division is meant for production of various veterinary biologicals against the schedule diseases like HS, BQ, Anthrax for large animals and FDC for the poultry, in quantities sufficient for the valley is undertaken by this institute. The department has been giving major emphasis on prevention of diseases by conducting mass immunization against specific & scheduled diseases in areas where such diseases are reported to have occurred especially in the endemic areas. The proper & timely immunization of the livestock against black quarter HS,FMD, Anthrax RKD,IBD & fowl cholera which used to occur & take heavy toll of livestock & poultry previously have been considerably minimized but still pose a major threat to the livestock & poultry Industry.
Standardization & Quality Control Division: This division is meant for the Quality Control of various biologicals manufactured by this institute and for each batch of the vaccine produced is subjected to satisfactory, sterility/safety/immunogencity tests before the said batch of the vaccine is released for its field use.