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Orders issued from Directorate of Animal Husbandry and related offices are displayed in chronological order.

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Revised targets of Artificial Insemination for 2012-13

DAHK/TOC/13446-61 dated: 28.08.2012

Tour Programmes

Endstt no: DAHK/Tech/I-157/9634-57 dated: 09.07.2012 to Administrative department's letter no: ASH/Plan/60/2012 dated: 03.07.2012

Incidence of Foot and Mouth Disease

Endstt no: DAHK/Tech/I-157 dated: 30.06.2012 to Administrative department's letter no: PS/SCY/ASH/56-57/12 dated: 29.06.2012

District Level Review Meetings and inspection of the activities of the Animal/Sheep Husbandry Department

Endstt no: DAHK/Tech/M-9/8948-60 dated:28.06.2012 to Notice no:ASH/Plan/18/2011 Dated: 26.06.2012

Physical Targets for Year 2012-13

No: DAHK/Tech/Q-63/8553-77 dated: 19.06.2012

Transfer/adjustment of doctors

Office Order No: 250 DAHK of 2012 dated: 15.06.2012

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