Orders issued from Directorate of Animal Husbandry and related offices are displayed in chronological order.

In case of any clarification/further information please contact on info@jkanimalhusbandry.net

Conducting of Mass AI in Indigenous and non-descript Cows on 2nd October 2016

DAHK/Tech/L-174/5972-82 dated: 23.09.2016

Rationalization of Government Accounts with Banks

Circular no DAHK/Accts/3839-42 dated 18.06.2016

Grassroot level interaction with citizens to ensure their participation in various programs of the Department in the special Gram Sabhas

DAHK/Tech/M-174/2168-90 dated: 14.05.2016

Transfer/adjustment of Doctors

Office order no: 130 DAHK of 2016 dated 21.04.2016

Production of Fake Certificate by Jagdev Kumar, Attendant (District Cadre Ganderbal)

DAHK/Esst/235/18324-27 dated: 23.02.2016

CIRCULAR: Remittance of Sale Proceeds of Medicines/Vaccines/Poultry Products etc., into Government Treasuries

DAHK/Acctts/Bgt/2015-16/17957-18063 dated: 15.03.2016

Departmental Email Directory - incorporation of new email aliases

No: DAHK/Tech/E-149/16591-16615 dated: 24.02.2016

CIRCULAR: E-Publishing of Government of India Gazette Notification

DAHK/Tech/L-174/16043-66 dated: 17.02.2016

Termination of Appointment of Ishfaq Ahmad Bhat, Attendant (District Cadre Ganderbal)

DAHK/Esst/235/15213-15 dated: 12.02.2016

Appointment of Class-IV in Animal Husbandry Department Kashmir (Divisional Cadre)

DAHK/Esst/175/15105-07 dated: 10.02.2016

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