CEO livestock Development Board

Dr Altaf Ahmad Laway

Brief History:
Frozen Semen Project Ranbir Bagh was established under INDO-DANISH project in the year 1980. The equipments for processing of frozen semen were obtained under DANIDA, an assistance programme between Danish Government and GOI. Initially the project started processing in the year 1982. It was Aug 6, 1982 that first semen was collected and Cryo-preserved at FSP Ranbir Bagh under the supervision of a Danish expert namely Mr. Bohamingaon. During the year 1982-82, 7300 frozen semen straws (FSSs) were produced. During this period insemination with frozen semen was started in 30 centers in the far flung areas of the valley where the liquid chilled semen was not available. Presently the semen station is producing about seven Lac doses of FSSs per year to cater to the demands about 800 AI centers and around 200 private AI workers.
Mandate: To produce quality Germplasm as mandated by the reference documents issued by DADF-GoI
Reference documents:
1. Minimum Standards Protocol (MSP)-GOI
2. Standard Operating procedures (SOP)-GOI
3. Bio-Security and Bio-Safety manual- GOI
1. ISO: 9001-2015 and HACCP CODEX
2. Grade B Central Monitoring Unit (CMU-GOI) in last audit.
Bull Procurement: Earlier local procurement was done that has now been discontinued in view of SOP. Now Bulls are supplied by GoI, NDDB, Bull Distribution Committees, Breeding Value Estimation Committee, PT/PS, Etc.
1. Minimum 30 days for animals of known health status.
2. Minimum 60 days for animals of unknown health status.
Bull Certification:
1. Pedigree record
2. Karyotyping
3. Tests for genetic diseases (Factor XI deficiency syndrome, Bovine Leukocyte adhesion Deficiency (BLAD), Deficiency of Uridine Monophosphate Synthetase (DUMPS). Citrullinemia)
4. Screening for MSP listed diseases (FMD, Brucellosis, Bovine Genital Campylobacteriosis, Bovine Tuberculosis, John's Disease, IBR/IBV).
5. Breeding Soundness Examination.
Tests done on Semen:
1. Physical Examination (Volume, Colour, Consistency, etc).
2. Concentration (Million/ml)
3. Mass motility
4. Individual progressive motility
5. Post Thaw Motility
6. Incubation Test
8. Acrosomal Integrity
9. Live and Dead count
10. Sperm Morphology
11. Microbial load (CFU/ml)
Productive life of Breeding Bull:
Eight years of production or 3 Lac semen doses (Whichever is earlier). Volume per FSS:
0.25 ml/Straw Sperms per FSS:
20 Million
Universal colour coding:
CBHF Pistachio Green
PBJY Yellow
CBJY Salmon
Indigenous breed Orange