Joint Director IAH&BP Zakura

Dr Ishrat shakeel



The prestigious Institute of Animal Health & Biological products is located at Zakura about 15 Kms from the main Srinagar city and is a referral Institute of the valley. This Institute was established during the year 1982 and has got three main divisions.
  • Vaccine production division
  • Disease Diagnostic Division
  • Standardization and Quality Control Division
  • Main functions of IAH BP Zakura are:

    Vaccine Production:

    The Institute of Animal Health & Biological Products is the only Institute of the valley mandated with the production of vaccines for deadly diseases like Anthrax, Black Quarter, Hemorrhagic Septicemia and Fowl Duck Cholera. The vaccine produced undergoes thorough quality control tests and is then issued to Assistant Director Vaccines, Srinagar for their onward conveyance to the field Institutions. Thus our Institute has a pivotal role in preventing the precious livestock of the farmers against these diseases.

    Disease Diagnosis:

    The Institute of Animal Health & BP, Zakura is the main Institute of the valley which carries out the diagnosis of various diseases. The Disease Diagnostic Section of this Institute receives various samples like blood, dung, milk and water samples etc. and carry out the diagnosis to detect the diseases and accordingly helping in proper diagnosis of the diseases and their proper treatment. In this manner the IAH&BP has a great role in diagnosis of various diseases of the livestock and their treatment.

    Attending outbreaks

    This division is meant for investigation of Animal and Poultry diseases. Whenever the animal disease outbreaks are reported to this Institute, the team of the officers visits the area / village where the outbreak has occurred. Wherever possible on-spot diagnosis is provided to the livestock owners or suitable morbid materials / blood / feacal samples etc. are put to different tests in various labs of this Institute for confirmation of the diseases of livestock and poultry. Accordingly the teams submit their reports and also recommend future course of action to stop the mortality.

    Surveillance & Monitoring

    The Institute of animal Health & BP, Zakura undertakes surveillance of various villages every year under Animal Disease Monitoring & Surveillance (ADMAS). The teams from the Institute visit the specified villages to collect the samples from the livestock. The samples are accordingly sent to different labs outside this Institute for testing against Brucellosis etc. to monitor the diseases in the livestock.

    Conducting Awareness Camps

    The Institute of Animal Health & BP, Zakura regularly conducts awareness camps throughout the year in order to spread the awareness among the livestock owners regarding various techniques involved in the rearing of Livestock and protecting the livestock from diseases.

    Schemes & Programmes

  • FMD-CP
  • ADMAS (Animal Disease Monitoring & Surveillance)
  • OIE, PVS Evaluation
  • Brucella CP
  • Collaborative research work on Human/Animal Brucellosis with GMC, Srinagar
  • Testing for Glanders during Annual Amarnathji Yatra